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A conviction for organic farming

Our first goal is to create a local wine and for this reason we must let the terroir express itself. That's why, in our domain, a great importance is given to organic farming.

We have decided on a particular course of action: not just make a standard wine but preferably shape a wine identity which will reflect, in the best possible way, Casta and its environment.


To do so, attention is first given to the well being of the plants. The fruit takes the central place and is grown in a balanced and healthy environment with the minimum possible human intervention.

A family estate

In 1987 the family adventure starts when Laurent Giacometti and his son, Christian buy the Domaine.


In 1997, Christian Giacometti  takes up the Domaine with his wife, Corinne, who takes in charge the administrative part. Previously potters, both Christian and Corinne know the ground very well, but still have to learn more about the vine. And they do it very well!


The 3rd generation then takes over when Sarah comes up in 2006, and then their son Simon two years later.


Thus, the domain is above all the story of the family, whose strength comes from the talents and skills of its members with common values: the absolute respect of the earth and the terroir.

The grape varieties 

Our area has nearly 26 hectares spread in the following way:

- 16 hecatres of Niellucciu.


-4.3 hectares of Sciacarellu


-4.6 hectares of Vermentinu


-1.15 hectares of Garnacha


-0,25 hectares of Syrah

We like to work on the endemic varieties such as the Sciaccarellu, the Vermentinu and the Niellucciu. But we also made the choice to complete our range with grapes found elsewhere such as Grenache and Syrah , that find a unique way of expression on the soil of Casta.

A specific terroir

Casta, has a  typical Mediterranean climate strongly marked by the inter-annual irregularity of rains. During the rain season, the influence of marine environment is felt on the amount of sodium and chloride brought by rainwater. Maritime entries and the Libecciu blowing almost continuously, preserve the place so that the organic farming is easier, the risk of disease on the vineyard being reduced.


Moreover, unlike Patrimonio with his clay and limestone soil, Casta's terroir has a granite floor. That explains our tradition of working with the Sciaccarellu, which  is unusual in the appellation.


The soil typicity gives special qualities to the property and its wines: the granite basement brings elegance and delicacy to the terroir. It boosts the soil and allows the plants to fix the minerals that they need. The vine has a better resistance. This type of soil is very filtering and very interesting for organic farming.

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